Beaches, Barns, and Blooms Exhibit Cape Cod Community Media Center

©Erica Dale Strzepek
©Erica Dale Strzepek

My childhood memories are filled with summer beach days, forts hidden in the woods, and riding bikes around town. My mother’s garden was a mix of blooming flowers and fragrant herbs, abundant tomatoes, beans, and rows of lettuce and radish. A farm on one side of our house tended fields of corn, perfect for effortless games of hide-and-seek. While the farm on the opposite side raised pigs, goats, and sheep, and their fields grew tall for harvests of hay in the summer. My surroundings were a delight for untold reasons as a child and continue to be a source of inspiration as an adult.

I primarily work in watercolor, it suits my personality and artistic style. Importantly, watercolor lends itself to the stop-and-start work-style I need as a busy mother of three young boys. My color palette includes American-made, natural mineral pigment watercolor paints which leave natural mineral shimmer and granulation complimenting my work. Residents of Harwich, my boys, husband, and I love our Cape Cod community. I am always making note of my next painting from our surroundings.

August – September 2016
Beaches, Barns, and Blooms
Cape Cod Community Media Center
17 Shad Hole Rd., Dennis Port, MA 02639
(508) 394-2388